There are times when your vision can be improved without the use of glasses. Sometimes, this can be therapy to strengthen areas of eye that have weakened and other times it can be training to improve your reaction and timing beyond the average person. Sports Vision training involves high level eye tracking, depth perception, and hand-eye coordination. Many athletes will practice these exercises to keep their eye health in peak condition.

We help athletes train their visual processing systems in the brain to help their eyes perform beyond a basic ability to see letters and objects clearly. Every movement an athlete makes, starts with their senses. The best athletes have the best senses. The Senaptec system helps us evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of an athletes’ sensory performance skills. Even more, relying on the incredible neuroplasticity of the brain, combined with our particular skill set we are able to help an athlete improve these skills and gain the winning edge. We will help an athlete enhance their ability to identify objects in space, evaluate a solution and react quicker to achieve their goal.

There are various exercises and specific exams used for Sports Vision testing. Office tests and field can both help determine how your eye will function beyond the realm of normal activity. We can customize a program to strengthen your vision based on your level of activity. If you are interested in what training method would be best for you, please call our office today to go over any questions or set up a consultation.